Research Centers


Prostate Cancer Research Center

Prostate Cancer Research Center (PCRC) is  a multidisciplinary research center at the Tampere University. It combines basic sciences, epidemiology, computational biology, and clinical practice to find answers enabling better management of prostate cancer and to reduce the burden of prostate cancer on society.

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FONK for adults:

FONK is a cancer medication research unit for adults that operates at the Tampere Univeristy Hospital. The objectives of the unit are to improve the research possibilities of new cancer medication and to introduce new medication to patient use as early as possible.

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Cancer Medication Research (FONK) at Tays Cancer Centre, Tampere University Hospital

List of Clinical Trails at FONK


PeeTU for children:

Paediatric Clinical Trials Unit (PeeTU) operates at the Tampere Univeristy Hospital. It offers centralised clinical trial services (phase I-II) to children and adolescents in Finland. The major goal is to provide access to early phase clinical trials for children with relapsed or refractory cancers, but we also aim to find novel agents to treat various other conditions.

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Paediatric Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit (PeeTU) at Tays Cancer Centre, Tampere University Hospital

List of Clinical Trails at PeeTU


Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods (FICAM)

FICAM is the Finnish centre of expertise for alternative methods to animal experimentation at the University of Tampere. It develops and validates human-cell-based tissue/organ models, shares information on alternative methods, educates experts, and acts as the Finnish reference laboratory for EURL-ECVAM (European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing). In addition, FICAM actively promotes alternative approaches at national and EU levels.

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