Research Areas of Tays Cancer Centre


In our research efforts, we will focus on specific areas where we have strong track records and long-standing research traditions.
In addition, we have identified developing research areas, where we have the potential to become national leaders.

Focus Areas

  1.   Prevention and early detection: especially cancer screening and etiology
  2.   Translational medicine: especially in prostate, gynecological & pediatric cancers and brain tumors
  3.   Phase I – II clinical trials
  4. Patients’ perspectives and patient-reported outcomes
  5. Nursing Science


Developing Areas

  1.     Medical technology related to cancer research
  2.     Palliative care: especially coping, symptom management and decision-making
  3.     Comparative effectiveness research


Research in 2018

  • Research budget: > 12,3 M €
  • Cancer researchers: approx. 400
  • Cancer-related publications: 202
  • Ongoing clinical trials: 80


Yearly cumulative impact factors of cancer research publications (2014 – 2018)



International collaboration network of Tays Cancer Centre