MET Seminar on Thu 20.2. at 15.00 in Arvo F115.


The speaker is director Johanna Mäkelä from the Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere and the title of her talk is

Biobank research and services for researchers


Biobank is a collection of human samples (for example tissue, blood, cells, DNA). The collected samples can be used for a variety of future research needs. Biobanks are key resources leading to more personalized health care and effective treatment.  Biobank sample can be linked to the sample donor’s health data with the informed consent of the donor. Research results are returned to the biobank which further enriches the existing data set. The biobank can provide samples and related data for high-quality research and health science development. You can apply samples and data by using  FINGENIOUS-portal ( Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere serves both academic research and R&D done in medical companies. During the presentation you will learn how the samples and data can be accessed and what kind of research has been already done in the biobanks.

Johanna Mäkelä biography

Johanna Mäkelä is trained in health biosciences and computational biomedicine and currently works as Director of Finnish Clinical Biobank Tampere.  She completed her PhD in 2015 at University of Turku where her research focused on genetic, prenatal and postnatal determinants of obesity. After her PhD she conducted postdoctoral research in computational biomedicine and bioinformatics at Dr. Laura Elo’s group at Turku Centre for Biotechnology and transferred to Tampere biobank in 2018.